New Exhaust

One of the key ideas of our conversion is to add the electrical system without disabling the car and without taking out the existing engine. That means that for longer distances we can still use the petrol engine as a range extender. But in order to make room for the electric motor we had to take out the current exhaust system and put in a new one – which we did yesterday. Doing so we were kindly sponsored with a new (more compact muffler) by Karl Werrett and Helen Trist from PitStop in Petone for which we are very grateful!

muffler-assembly1 muffler-assembly2

battery boxes completed

While it was fairly easy to build the aluminium boxes for the batteries, it took me quite a while to get all the wiring done and hook up the BMS (battery management system).  But after a good 100 hours of work the 2 boxes with 96 batteries are finally running :-)

battery-box-assembly_final  battery-box-assembly_final-zoom

I think I simply underestimated the time it would take me to connect each individual cell to the BMS and also how much effort all the little details shown bolow on the right hand side take.

DSC00877  DSC00920


It’s the part I like the least about this conversion: having to do the finances and tax returns. But after many brave hours of batteling its done :-)

Now I can get back to the stuff I really like: building the battery boxes and working on the kickstarter movie. With both I made some progress over the last few weeks: all the plans for the boxes are done and submitted to the water-cutting company. And the greenscreen recordings are done and with my brother now for processing.

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